Department of Fine Arts and Elective Courses Course List

Elective Courses

ART201 - Introduction to Photography
Definition of photography and the photographer, the uses of photography in life, camera and its parts (aperture, iso, shutter, lens), light and its use in photography, composition rules in photography, the works of photographers from the world and Turkey.

ART202 - Cartoon
Basic information on cartoon; drawing techniques using simple rules; humor; career-oriented cartoon work.

ART221 - Annotated History of Music
The evolution of music in history of humanity; music in the process of becoming an art, the authencities of music; the historical analysis of music, information exchange as well as the main distinctions between art and other cultural domains.

ART222 - History of Jazz
The history of music before 1900's; Blues and Ragtime music genres; the impacts of musical, social and cultural structures of jazz music in New Orleans before its emergence in the region; main jazz movements starting from the very first Dixieland music to Fusion jazz movement today.

ART223 - Performing Jazz
Human voice in terms of its anatomy, physiology and its techniques.

ART224 - History of Argentine Tango
Where does the tango come from; tango-culture relationship; the origin and the evolution of Argentine tango; spreading of the dance to Europe and the world; the effects of tango on economic crisis and political changes in the world.

ART225 - Introduction to Classical Guitar
Fundamentals of music; notes, rhythm and fundamental music vocabulary; notes on the guitar, diagrams.

ART235 - Poliphonic Chorus
Diaphragm breathing and singing tecnique, basic solfege learnig , basic tecnique etudes and exercises to increase voice range, polyphonic vocalization and polyphonic choir songs.

ART251 - Watercolour Painting
Basic knowledge of watercolour painting art and its history; watercolour techniques, tools and materials; demonstration of some real watercolour painting samples; basic principles and practice of painting techniques.

ART252 - Free Ceramic Forming
The ceramic clay; using clay for freehand forming; creating unique ceramic forms without restricting the individual creativity; creating two- or three-dimensional free-form designs using the ceramic clay.

ART261 - Screenplay
Scenario Concept , Sections of the scenario, the characteristics of a scriptwriter / The usage areas of a scenario, Theme and Selecting a Theme, Story and Narration Forming a dramatic structure, Cast and Characters,The time usage in a scenario Speech pattern (dialogue), Scenario draft (synopsis), Enhanced Scenario (treatman), Shooting scenario.

ART262 - Traditional Tile Decoration and Modern Interpretations
Historical development and characteristics of tile art, especially in Selcuklu and Ottoman Empires, materials used in tile decorations, motifs in tile art, preparing traditional and original motif (figure) studies, transfusing and application of original figures which were created on fritware.

ART263 - Diction
Breath Control While Speaking in public, Effective Use of Voice, Voice Training Using Proper Forms of Vowels and using with "ğ", Differences Between Written Language and Speaking Language, Rules of Speaking Standard Speaking Turkish (Istanbul Dialect) Gaining flexibility in our conversation limb, Providing a fluent and understandable conversation, Duration, Tone, Melody, Accent, Stop etc. Rules Oratory, Improvisation

ART264 - Interior Design of Sculpture
This course covers the concepts and knowledge about the concepts of sculpture and interior architecture. Design preparation, interior material production with different material shaping. Tools and machines used in sculpture making, including information on metals and techniques. All the knowledge, experience and skills will be reflected to transform the designs into concrete ones.

ART265 - Creativity in Business Life
Methods of Creativity To use creativity in the business life To oversee the sector, to critise and solutions To form new approaches by art Innovation

This course covers the concepts and knowledge about the definition of jewelry design profession. Design is aimed at preparation by designing metal and different materials. Tools and machines used in jewelry design, including information on metals and techniques. All the knowledge, experience and skills will be reflected to transform the designs into concrete ones.

Game staging elements, theoretical and practical exercise.

ART271 - Creative Drama
Various dramatization, game and improvisation techniques are used; applications based on learning with real-life role plays.

ART282 - Voice Training, Solfage, Correpetition
Correct usage techniques of breathing, diaphragm and voice, Professional singing education, excercises of developing musical ear,Theoretical knowledge of musical note and rhythm, dictation(be able to writing down on paper in the form of notes and rhythm the heared sound or music), excercises of developing musical ear,Working accompanied with piano

ART284 - Stage Management of Theater and Movie Review
Analysing theater plays that dominated the history of theater in philosophical theme; finding the substances, and determine in search of theatric space at the world theater journey, Discussion the predeterminated movies that made the breakthrough on world history within the context of Sartre/Existentialist philosophy and Spinoza/Ethica

ART291 - Body Language and the Art of Persuasion
Posture, mimic, gesture, a correct and accurate way of using the intonation of speech; leadership skills and abilities to convince or persuade someone to accept a desired way of thinking in the business and social environment; convincing others to adopt new ideas using body language.

ART292 - Sign Language
Developing the ability to communicate daily with hearing disabilities.

ART293 - Architectural Photography
Architectural dynamics in art of photography; photography techniques that are compatible with structures; equipment knowladge and usage techniques.

ART294 - Stage Makeup
Plastic makeup; form working on model; Coloration of silicon mold and placing on human face.